Beyond the passage of time.

Just turn your eyes and all around it's the Eternal City. Eternal is its own history, its hidden corners, eyes of people who embody its past.

Imposing monuments next to small artisan shops, ancient cobblers, marked by aging newsagent observing the world passing before his look every morning, when the city wakes up enveloped by silence, whispering: "Look at me, but also live me".

And those eyes tell of experiences, of the alleys where you stumble encountering an uncontrollable emotion, because Rome also makes these jokes, making fun of tourists and locals with its endless surprises: it begins at the moment you arrive, and then never ends. Because its taste, its warm colors, the history that characterizes it, inevitably leave a mark, indelible.

Visit the monuments is not just plunge into the most significant pages of art history and to experience them from within, but also the way to know anecdotes, stories, to become connoisseurs of curiosity approaching to history, that make us part of the history, through intense images, such as the one of Roman people who defended Castel Sant'Angelo from barbarian troops using fragments of ornamental statues of the monument, or the Archangel Michael's apparition, on the Mausoleum of Hadrian, to tell the pope that the plague was over, or even the coronation of the Frankish king, Charlemagne, on Christmas Eve in the year 800 in St. Peter's Basilica.

All this echoes into the ether at every step, is told from every cobblestone of this enchanted city, and it is true, taking a cue from the title of a beautiful book of Negro Silvio, that this is the Eternal City, because "Roma non basta una vita - Rome, a lifetime is not enough".