Beyond the tourist circuit.

Rome, a city in full swing, a passage of people and languages, which are intertwined in an original pantomime of visual, bodily and musical interpretations, expressed in the places of culture, in the exhibition halls of the amazing museum complexes, into Auditorium and MAXXI’s architectural forms, in industrial structures, on the roads.

A full year of events for every enthusiast and connoisseur, valid reasons for thinking a trip that combines knowledge of the Eternal City and cultural stimulation.

Wrap themselves in a June evening by the most beautiful words ever written, performed by actors and accompanied by musicians of international fame into the breathtaking scenery of Maxentius at the Festival of Literature, live the transformation of the industrial structure of an old slaughterhouse in the modern fitting of Photography Festival in September to the Pelanda, getting hit from the spotlight in the sets that hosted the most important actors and directors in the world, during the Rome Cinema's Festival in October.

And again stimulations, incessant during the nights of the Estate Romana, flavored with barrels in the Rome Wine Festival, enveloping at the Roma Europa Festival, dynamic with the International Tennis, 6 Nations, Rome Marathon, the Golden Gala athletics.

It is here that it is worth making contact with their own desires, because Rome knows how to fulfill them.