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In a city, you do not enjoy the seven or seventy wonders, but the answer it gives to your question.
Italo Calvino

Casa Visconti is in a strategic location, in the heart of the elegant and cosmopolitan Prati area, with its palaces and houses in the Umbertine and Liberty style and a delicious taste of the most authentic Roman atmosphere.

From here, through a pleasant walk, you can easily reach by foot, or with public services, the most charming places of the city, ensuring a comfortable and full of emotional satisfaction stay.

Where to meet your wishes and ride your dreams.

A lively and high class shopping district during the day, Prati displays exclusive attractions in the evening, with the opening of wine bars, where to enjoy an aperitif, and excellent pizza places, where to taste many specialties, and fine restaurants, tempting the palate with culinary fantasies, leaving a mark in your memory thanks to their pleasant atmospheres.

The area offers a wide selection of cultural events.

Music lovers, in fact, are goers of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, one of the oldest Institutions in the world for classical music, founded in 1585, and of the Alexander Jazz Club, or of the Fonclea, historically known for Rock’n Blues concerts. Finally, The Place, is considered in Rome "the soul of live music". For young people many places where to have fun and spend pleasant evenings.

A few steps from the residence, many movie theaters provide shows suitable for adults and children (as Cinema Adriano, in the nearby Piazza Cavour, built as a theater at the end of '800, with 10 viewing rooms). But there is also a good selection for film experts at Azzurro Scipioni and Il Labirinto.

For those who prefer the stage, a little bit further away, on Via delle Fornaci, there is the Ghione, one of the historic theaters of Rome, with a program suitable for all ages.

Even sports fans can find nearby gyms and associations where to practice yoga, pilates and martial arts.