Casa Visconti, for the independent portions that make up the residence, proposes prices based on different seasons; the costs shown are per day per apartment / formula proposed, based on the number of Guests; the minimum stay is of 2 nights (and the maximum is of 3 months).

The bookings are considered valid upon receipt a down payment covering 20% of the total cost of the stay required, through PayPal or through a bank remittance. It will be confirmed only after a written communication by Casa Visconti ensuring the availability for applications submitted.

Balance has to be delivered in cash at the check-in (delivery of keys), before Guests entry and occupation of rooms provided. For now are not considered other methods of payment.

Prices include all items described in the "Included services". Any other service has to be considered "supplementary" and will go agreed and listed separately.

It is also required a security deposit, to cover possible damages, from 50,00 euros to 150,00 euros, based on the choosen apartment / formula (however, it will be agreed in advance), to be presented in cash together with the balance upon check-in. This deposit will be returned on departure of Guests (check-out), after checking for any damages caused.

In case of damage to the environments, including furnitures and objects, caused by any act of negligence or carelessness on the part of the Guests, Casa Visconti will be forced to believe the Guests makers against it, which, therefore, undertake to give up the security deposit, if sufficient to coverage of damage, and / or to pay an additional sum, which appropriate compensation for such damage.

The check-in (receive Guests and delivery of the keys) is to be made at home from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm and the check-out (return of keys and refund of the deposit) is from 8:00 am to 10:30 am. The property can possibly request 50,00 euros in the event of very noticeable delays or advances (very late check-in or very early check-out).

As mentioned in "Included services", in item Cleaning, Casa Visconti delivers environments booked clean, and for each Guest: bed linen (sheets and blanket complete), washcloth, towel and bath towel for the bathroom, and a cloth for the table. Every other service is to be considered "supplementary" and will be agreed and listed separately. Conditions and special rates can be applied for a longer stay (up to 3 months).

In the Holiday House "Casa Visconti" the stay is to be understood fully independent: there not will be a breakfast service and supply of food and beverage, reception service, policing and housing. Smoking, as accommodate pets, is prohibited into the residence. Services "supplementary" can be proposed or requested and agreed. They will be quoted separately.

In case of cancellation - from the time of the booking to 30 days prior to the arrival date - Casa Visconti will refund the down payment paid (net of fees), believing loose previous agreements and considering again and fully availables the apartments / formula for new requests. Beyond this time limit, Casa Visconti must unfortunately retain the amount paid as penalty. Moreover, in case of cancellation from 29 days on up to the check-in, will be required the 100% of the total amount, as a penalty.

It is necessary, for each Guest, to present a valid ID at the time of check-in.

The conditions described, basic components of the agreement between Guests and Casa Visconti, are to be considered manageable and interpretable only in accordance with Italian laws, without regard to any principles or conflicts of the same. The exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes is the Court of Rome.